Who killed Vincent Chin? -Aaron Kim

Who Killed Vincent Chin?

Aaron Kim
Asian American Studies

Vincent Chin was an engineer working for an automotive company in America during the 1980’s. During this time, the US and Japan was in an economic competition in automotive sales and production. In other words, both nations were sincerely against each other even after WWII and its ramifications. Vincent lived rather a humble and proper life through hard work and integrity. However none of it mattered in the end. During Vincent’s last days as a bachelor, he decided to go out to a bar with his friends. What seemed to be like a typical night out with his homies, suddenly turned into tragedy. The first chain towards the tragedy began in the bar, Ron Ebens and Michael Nitz threw out ethnic slurs to enrage Mr. Chin in retaliation , a fight broke out and Chin stood victorious. However Ebens and Nitz wanted to seek revenge and went to look for him hours later where they found him in McDonald’s and proceeded to man handle him and beat him with a bat. Mr Chin fell into a coma and died 4 days later. In addition to the death of Mr. Chin, the Asian Community was furious that the two killers were only given a small fine in their sentence, which later sparked the community as a whole to fight for justice.

After viewing this documentary, it led me to realize that Asian Americans are beyond minorities. In fact it can be said that Asian American are the minorities of minorities. They have virtually no or little representation in the government to voice their concerns, no or little role models and leaders to look up to, and not enough heart to go against their ridicules. If only the Asian Community took the time and effort to protest their ridicules and mistreatment through racism, would the results not be the same as when the African Americans looked to resolve their ridicules?
This documentary also led me to realize the injustice in our Judicial branch and our respective courts. How can murder be justified? How can someone just receive a small fine as a consequence for murder? Even having manslaughter as the sentence should still mean jail time and a hefty fine. There’s no excuse that the sentence was carried out in bias in favor for the white Americans, and bias against the Asian American especially during the time sensitive 1980’s.

In light of all this, the only way to change this injustice is to accept that everyone is culturally bias. We should be faster to forgive than to forget, and become the bigger man. While this case may apply to only Asian Americans, the injustice that the court has shown should be enough to motivate every American citizen to ensure that justice should and always be the key concept in the court of law.


2 thoughts on “Who killed Vincent Chin? -Aaron Kim

  1. dtohyama says:

    I strongly agree with Aaron’s opinion. The issue includes the system problem of courts as well as racism against Asian American. We should analyze why the murder were not treated correctly. By using media, we try to remove unfair systems in society to improve society fundamentally.

  2. aaronjk1 says:

    Reblogged this on sonderworldblog and commented:

    The follow is my journal entry for an Asian American class I took in college. Recently the whole case of Vincent Chin was trending so I felt like it was only natural to reblog this here.

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