Stereotypes and the Continuation

During last week’s class we continued a little more into the discussion about Vincent Chin, but also went into other cases regarding other incidents that had happened.

One of the incidents we had gone over in class was regarding what had happened to three transgender individuals and a police officer who was off duty in Washington D.C. What made me most frustrated about this case had to deal with the fact that the officer had shot these three transgender individuals and was not persecuted with just. He was trying to have sex with these individuals and they declined and he decided to kill them. The fee that he had to pay was so low, making it immoral in my opinion. It made me think about if I were to get killed, would I only be worth fifty dollars and twenty-five hours of community service because I am gay, and because I am Asian would I become even more worthless? It made me start to question our government a lot more closely and where our government taxes are going towards, when it comes to persecuting those who are unjust. I really wanted to sucker punch that cop and make him pay, because of how unequal the legal system was.

The next victim was Treyvon Martin who was killed due to the fact that he was black. In the general gist that is what happened. This really enrages me because our society captures black people as thugs and everything bad associated with them. Though the media does normally portray African Americans as those who are in poverty and have higher crime rates and do mischievous acts, they are also very good. These stereotypes that our media portrays gives such a bad stance to these individuals.

When reading Glen Mimura’s article, I found it very difficult to read. I normally do have a hard time comprehending literature, so this was no surprise finding it very difficult for me to try and understand. I tried to grasp the main ideas but got lost in the ideas that she was trying to express. In class we had discussed her article a little more in detail and it did help me. If we did not discuss the article, I would have been so lost.

In the following article by Nicholl’s he speaks about how the media portrays certain topics and how it changes the view to either support or not support certain movies or news. One of the ways the media portrays certain things is by blowing them out of proportion, like the advertisement to vote for someone. If you were to vote for the woman, she would export jobs and the economy over seas, but if you voted for the gentleman there wouldn’t be these consequences. The media does change our perspective on how we do view things. When we think about the world outside of the United States, we generally think of turmoil and third world, if they are not in the European continent. We think of everything below Mexico as war torn or just poverty, we view Africa as poverty stricken and dying of all diseases and we see most of Asia as labor servants and skinny. In reality these things may be true, but not to the full extent. These people at least are happy and continue living their lives and are not sitting down and just being depressed all the time.


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