Black | White | Yellow

We live in a colorful world; a world rich in culture, ethnicity, and history. America is beautiful because we are a melting pot. However, the irony is that the world be a little bit happier and a little bit more equal if color did not exist. Although we live in era of modernity, discrimination, racism, and racial hierarchies still exist. Most of these issues stemming from the color of our skin. The color of our skin constantly changes, but the stereotypes ascribed to us based on our skin color doesn’t. What does it mean to be white? black? yellow? brown? Is it a negative or positive identity? Yellow. I never understood myself to be such. I never really compared my ancestors’ oppression and struggles to others. However, I learned that to truly know one self and to be a conscious, active agent in one’s life, you must think of yourself and your life in terms of color. To live in a colorblind society means to assume that everyone is equal when in case, we are not. I believe that race assumes pan-ethnics. For example, society may label me as being Asian when in fact I also identify with being Southeast Asian. Southeast Asians are uniquely different from East Asians; however, this difference is not acknowledged and is usually unheard of. Some may assume that because I am Asian, my ancestors suffered from the same oppression as other Asians, which is not the case. Art is medium in which people can express their personal story and struggles while also and telling a story of ones history.Asian American Artists are truly an inspiration because they are conscious, active agents of their life.  They are ones who understand their culture and history, thus creating moving pieces of art which tells of the oppression and inequality they have experienced. 


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