Daisuke Tohyama

In last class, we learned ethnicity and privilege, discrimination, subjugation, and diaspora, and positioning. Two things mentioned that caught my interests were discrimination and ism. At first, when it comes to discrimination, many people easily assume that our society still has some discrimination against African Americans. However, they are less likely to notice that there are some discrimination against Asian Americans such as racial profiling by police or the model minority myth and so on. I heard that a Chinese American man was killed by police because he was Asian when he did not follow police’s warning and stop the car. That case could be discrimination as racial profiling. According to the class lecture, I can also say it was anti-ism because the police used their privilege or power as police to make action easily. What if he was not Asian? The case reminds me of Vincent Chin’s case. I just moved to here, Irvine and started studying here, UCI where has dominantly Asian students. I have never experienced any discrimination as far as I recognized in Irvine or UCI. What if I moved in Utah where Hispanic population grew 78% (2010)? Even now American media do not often take Asian discrimination issues than African American. I would like to search for discrimination against Asian American in other states and find out how that discrimination are perceived by white Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic, or African Americans or other people.

            Secondary, in last class we learned that if we have prejudice and make actions with privilege or power, we call it ism. I learned that culture create disability in the other Asian American class last quarter. That means that people who are able to hear consider deaf people as disabled. Because this society is made by majority people, minority’s voice is likely to be dismissed. Deaf people are forced to buy and use hearing aids to live in this society. We do not often notice that what if deaf people ask us to remove our ears. However, we make deaf people adapt to this society. We have to rethink this society is for anyone. We can also think about language difficulty through this idea.


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