Week 4: I cannot be Creative :(

Michael Saechao


The racial categorization and treatment towards Asian Americans has been a problem since the early times of the United States. Immigration laws has always subjugated Asians into being seen as vile people and uncivilized creatures, which in our perspective (the Asian American view) we do not see ourselves in that way. The Asian is always seen as submissive and always a savage or non-humane. As seen in class by the painter who painted the Two Tahitian Women, the women are shown as very shy or submissive and her boobs were showing, as if she we seen as a savage.

When speaking about Chapter 2, we started to view the different types of paintings there were in the era of different people. We can see that there were starting to become more of an Asian presence in some of the photos, such as Pipo’s where he put himself within the frame of the image. These ways shows that Asians are equal within context of other artists. Equality and images are one way in which people can exert their own personality within the art they are trying to convey towards the world.  Asian stereotypes are always seen and depicted in films which is a source of art. The stereotypes that asians know martial arts is a common stereotype still seen today, because it makes the character more of orient descent.
When seeing things in class about the yellow peril, it made me feel sad to think about how Asians were viewed. We were viewed as creatures that were evil and devil like. For people to think that we are here to take their women and what not represents injustice, but that is the mind set of what many consider the melting pot of the United Staes. To spread propaganda in the United States and ostracize Asians in a whole different level is cruel. To think that we are considered people who are demons, savages, and have magical powers is an incorrect image of who Asians are in a whole. It shows that it is very ignorant, because they are not being very civil about the situation and bringing about ignorance.


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