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 In the chapter 3 of the hyper sexuality of race, Shimizu talks about stereotypes of Asian American women through three Hollywood films. She states that “race is always a sexual production in Hollywood cinema, one that is bursting with conscious fantasy.” (Shimizu 101) This means by describing Asian American women as hypersexual or dragon lady. These stereotype are still fully exist.
We could see two type of stereotypes in Hollywood films. One is hypersexual or dominatrix images. In The Thief of Bagdad, The Mongol slave girl, Ann May Wong is described as hypersexual, immoral, and exotic. For example, the scene that she poisons the princess reminds me of dragon lady. I also felt that she is primitive, exotic, and sexual when I saw her bare clothes.

In The World of Suzie Wong, Suzie is submissive and follow Lamax’s suggestion. For example, when Lamax tells her to wear ordinary clothes instead of luxury one, she follow the suggestion. This image can create a submissive Asian girl.
In Charie’s Angels, Lucy Liu is described as hyper sexual or dominatrix like Ann Way Wong. Unlike other heroines, she often kills or beats up some bad guys.
Through these films, one thing that I noticed is that Asian American women have two types of opposite stereotype such as hypersexual and submissive. Two stereotypes exist simultaneously.

These chaotic images influence actresses and us. In the hyper sexuality of race, Lucy mentions that “Once she succeeds in Asian roles, the studio or audiences consider her as a good actress.” (Shimizu 93) In her perspective, taking Asian American women’s role affects her in positive way. However, taking the role reproduces the stereotypes again and again. Applying it to daily life, Asian American women should be quiet, submissive to get a promotion in some companies. The expectation of being Asian women comes from the society, which is affected by media. We should rethink about how much media influence us now.

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