Denise Uyehara Presentation

Michael Saechao
February 14: Show at Pitzer College

Self Reflection

Denise Uyehara’s presentation I found was very compelling and quite interesting. Though Dana, Kaitlyn, and I were a bit late to the presentation I was confused at first what was going on, but then I started to get the grasp of what she was talking about. In general performing arts and the visualization of it can be quite confusing when you try to analyze the performance. When she showed us the clip of her going back to her homeland it made me feel connected to her in a way, because I myself would love to go back to where my parents are from and see the area they grew up around and to see the culture in my eyes. One of the most compelling clip I found very interesting was the one, where there were bones collected and you had to try and build or figure out what was a soldier and what another type of person. I found this very amazing, because it put into perspective that people cannot distinguish one person from another through the dimensions of our bodies.

The performance she had done live was very exciting. I wasn’t expecting her to do a live performance and I found it very fascinating, since it was my first time ever seeing this live. When she started singing the Abba song and doing the dance, it reminded me of my best friend and I. Then she progressed and talked about the internment camps and the japanese and the women who had alzhemiers. This was my favorite part of her performance. It made me think more critically and try to analyze the piece more thoroghohly.


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