The Sweet and Endearing Masculine Asian Man

Michael Saechao

In the book Straitjacket Sexualities by Celine Parreñas Shimizu we had read many of the chapters in the book, not sure how many. I am sure we just read all of the book already. In chapter 1 one of the things I keep remember about what Bruce Lee stated “When I wake up in the morning, I have to remember which side of the ocean I’m on and wether I’m the superstar or the exotic Oriental support player” (39). This really caught my eye, because he makes a very good visual representation on how the people of the United States see Asian Americans. That we are not good enough to be the lead role, but we are that mysterious support character, the  sidekick. One of the things about Bruce Lee is that in the movies he is in, he doesn’t have to try and elude himself to make himself look more masculine. In this Chapter Shimizu focuses on the fact that Lee doesn’t simply overtly seem sexually, but he combines sex and great ethics into one, showing the new image for Asian Americans.

In Chapter 5, we spoke about the sexuality of Asian men in a way that is transforming the weak, nerdy, thin Asian male into a different area. The new transformation of the Asian man is one whom is most sincere and showing Asians are able to get the girl despite their appearance. The American film industries conceptualize the Asian male as being weak and feeble, where they wouldn’t be able to get a girls attention or girl in general, but these barriers are starting to come down, with emerging Asian Americans.

This weeks readings were not too bad. I found them interesting about the films in which we watch everyday and how it is starting to change from a one sided opinion about Asian Americans, but there are new beginnings in which Asian American males are being portrayed. Overall this weeks reading was well intriguing.


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