Week 7 Blog: Women and Gender Expression

By: M. Saechao

The roles of women in movies have a wide range in what they do. In specifics, Asian Americans lead different roles in the movies we watch today. For most other racial/ethnic groups, most women have a leading role and are depicted either as the strong female character  or subordinate, but they have a wide range of roles they an pick from. For Asian Americans, there are not many roles in which the female can play. Most movies have depicted the Asian female to play as a quiet female whom is very respectful and is similar to a servant, or a sexual character that is very provocative and endearing, or the role as the mysterious assassin. These characters are mostly selected towards female actresses that are Asian. They play these role, because Asians are seen as a sheltered or very exotic.

Movies are a way to look at specific ethnic groups in a larger pictures. People use movies and shows to reference how to spot on certaing groups and then this is followed by racial stereotypes that are brought along. From Chapter 3 of Straightjacket Sexualities one of the things that brought to my attention was, “You know, because Suzie Wong was a prostitute a lot of Americans got the wrong idea and they thought all Asian women were prostitutes”, this type of medium through movies can have a negative impact on how people perceive people. Females that play the roles as the submissive and dragon lady give the impression that all Asians, female or not are like this. It makes me enraged to have people think that Asians would have this type of image, because of the media.

The different clips we watched in class tied in with the idea of the different roles of Asian women in the media. It gave us a better glance on how limited the Asian roles are in movies. In almost all movies, there are no female or male characters that lead whom are Asian and it’s disappointing.


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