Week 9 Post: Queering the Frontier

The landscape of the media in today’s time has been slowly starting to publicize gay rights and activism than previous years. Why is this? Because many people had seen that being gay was a taboo and it isn’t seen as something that was acceptable (at least in my eyes). More so recently there has been many more queer media influences in shows and movies we see today. In the Asian American sense there has never been much shown, and if so, they are not popular enough to be shown.

The readings we read in class this week were pretty interesting. Why? I feel that because I identity myself as a gay (queer) Asian American I had a lot more relatable experiences in which some of the things the articles had spoken about and what we had watched in class. When reading the Pirated article I thought it was quite boring, but when actually viewing the video it was very interesting. There were many recurring themes and images that didn’t make sense to me at first, but after discussing it in class, I was thinking of the same things everyone else was thinking. The recurring jumping into the water scene kept replaying in my head and in the clips, I was trying to figure out what it had meant and why was it significant. I had a sense that it had to do with a new beginning and a new birth into life. Water has the symbolic representation in many different religions and culture that signifies rebirth or renewal. So when I seen this recurring image it made me think about how being a queer individual and jumping into the water is like jumping into a new world, where you are born anew. 

In class we had watched a coming out video by Johnathan Ahn (I believe) and I had felt so sad after watching it. In the context of Asian Americans there are not many people that are out of the closet. I believe that it is because it goes against the patriarchal society, where the man has to reproduce and carry the family name. There are many more queer Asian films in Asia than in the United states. One of the many reasons why there might be very little advocacy for queer rights for Asians is because of the fact that there are limited resources and access to equipement, which is a huge factor


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